Chandler Curve Bender inc psu



This unit has been fully serviced and is in excellent condition. It comes complete with PSU which is not included in the new price of £6500!

Buy with confidence with a 30 day warranty

Below is some info from the net:


  • The EMI TG12345 Curve Bender was developed to celebrate the 75th birthday of Abbey Road Studios.
  • Designed by Wade Goeke of Chandler Limited, the EQ is inspired by the vintage EMI TG12345 console used in recording The Beatles and Pink Floyd.
  • This latest iteration of the EMI equaliser series builds upon the legacy established by previous EMI EQ models like the RS57 (1954), TG12345 (1969), and TG12412 (1974).
  • Expanded from the original to offer 51 EQ points. The EQ bands include filters, as well as bell/shelf selections for the high and low frequency ranges.